Who is EVOA Supplements?  
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EVOA Mission Statement:   

Promote eye, cardiovascular, cognitive and skin health by providing products 
based on the most current, scientific, evidence – based research. Maximize patient’s 
ability to manage eye diseases and retain vision integrity, and improve eye comfort.

Provide community support through education and accessibility. Collaborate with physicians, consumers and the community to provide on-going research information and the most current and advanced dietary supplements for eye and body health.

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Founded in 2010 by Jeff and Cheryl Trank, EVOA is a national supplier of eye vitamins based on the Age Related Eye Disease Study conducted by the National Eye Institute, eye vitamins for General Eye Health, supplements for Dry Eye Syndrome.

EVOA recently introduced a Body Health Formula, which addresses General Eye Health, Cardiovascular Health, Cognitive Function and Skin Health.
EVOA Supplements, Inc.
EVOA Supplements, Inc.